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Tiled conservatory roofs, making your conservatory warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • A tiled roof on a conservatory
    The tiled conservatory roof is fully compliant with current building regulations
  • Glass conservatory roof before work begins
    Replacement for glass conservatory roof
  • Finished tiled conservatory roof in place
    Finished tiled conservatory roof in place

Tiled conservatory roofs

  • A tiled conservatory roof solution
    A tiled conservatory roof solution

Replacement tiled roofs for your conservatory.

Is your Conservatory too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter?
Upgrade your existing conservatory roof to a warmer replacement tiled roof, which is also cooler in the summer.

Tiled conservatory roof benefits include:

  • Full use of the conservatory all year round;
  • Better energy saving u-values 0.16;
  • Roof light options;
  • Ceiling options;
  • Lighting options;
  • Ceilings can be painted;
  • 100% water proof;
  • Looks stunning.

Please contact us about your warmer tiled conservatory roof.

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