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Tiled conservatory roofs, making your conservatory warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • A tiled roof on a conservatory
    The tiled conservatory roof is fully compliant with current building regulations
  • Glass conservatory roof before work begins
    Replacement for glass conservatory roof
  • Finished tiled conservatory roof in place
    Finished tiled conservatory roof in place


  • Play room / conservatory roof replaced

    Some more pictures for you - this time from a job we did where the conservatory is used as a kid's playroom.

  • Previous work - cold winter - warmer conservatory!

    Now that the cold weather is upon us many people will have stopped using their conservatories. Conservatories can be extremely cold at this time of year - which is a shame given the money spent having them built.

    There are several reasons for conservatories being cold, but the core issue is that traditional conservatory roofs are simply not efficient.

  • Previous work - raising the roof!

    This job saw us raising the roof to create more space in the room (a sun lounge / utility room).

    After removing the old glass conservatory roof we raised the frame to its new, higher level.

    Once this was complete we were able to finalise the structure, adding insulation into the new roof.

    The final picture shows the finished product - a newly tiled conservatory roof on a now much more usable room!

  • Insulating a conservatory roof: The issues

    While browsing the internet the other day we found an interesting article. The article discusses the apparent issues in insulating an existing conservatory roof in an attempt to create a habitable room which is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

    Some companies offer a solution which involves insulation and plasterboard being used to help to make your conservatory more habitable. However there are side effects which may not be obvious.

  • roof windows

    Velux windows have become a great way of bringing extra light in to any room  a basic centre-pivot window will give a "U"-value of 1.4/m2k and also they are a great form of ventilation there are electrical operated openers with rain sensors and also solar powered blinds

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